Users deny Metro series games in protest of exclusivity

Fans of the Metro franchise are bombarding the pages of the previous games of the saga on Steam with negative reviews. The attitude is a protest against the newly announced exclusivity of the new game in the series, Exodus, which arrives on February 15 and, on PCs, will be exclusively distributed through the Epic Store.

The news of the exclusivity came earlier this week, less than a month before the title’s arrival in stores and after months of pre-sale at Valve’s service. According to Deep Silver, who acts as distributor of Metro Exodus, who previously purchased the game on Steam will have their purchase honored on the same platform, while, since January 29, the title is only sold by the Epic Games marketplace.

The decision, considered last minute, did not fall well between the players who, in order to get the attention of the companies involved, decided to start the so-called “review bombing” in the pages of two other titles in the series, Metro 2033 Redux and Last Light Redux. Only in the last 24 hours, about four thousand negative analyzes were recorded in the spaces of both games.

A common theme is Deep Silver’s cursing and also the Epic Games store itself, with obscene gestures and pornographic arts created from the characters used in the messages. In some cases, players have said that the first two Metro’s are too good to be judged negatively, but they have nevertheless reproduced the protest texts to the distributor’s decision. The protests have not yet been able to reverse the all-time record of “very positive” games, though.

The large volume of negative reviews from January 30 caused Steam itself to take action. The service has a system that detects a large flow of unfavorable reviews and knows this kind of attitude well, allowing users to exclude the supposed disfigurement of game pages by displaying only the texts published before the wave starts.

The exclusivity of Metro Exodus in the Epic Games store must last for at least one year. As said, whoever bought the game early through the Valve platform will have their purchase honored there, but as of January 29, new orders could only be made by the competing service. In addition, those who purchased the special PC title editions will also receive code for the new marketplace, instead of the originally-promised Steam keys.

The announcement generated even negative reactions from Valve herself, who in a statement posted on Metro Exodus’s website after the announcement said the decision was “unfair to consumers.” The company also criticized the last-minute warning, leaving little time for the store to tell its users about the exclusivity.

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