Mod Resident Evil 2 allows first person view

Being in the shoes of Leon or Claire in the midst of a zombie epidemic in Raccoon City is not easy. But have you ever imagined making the remake of Resident Evil 2 more immersive (and scary) yet? A modder named “praydog” not only imagined how it performed: the programmer has made available a mod that transforms the game vision from third to first person: the RE2 Mod Framework.

The RE2 Mod Framework is available for download on GitHub and, as you might expect, only works on the PC version of the game. What praydog did was position the game camera somewhere near the chest and shoulder of the character so that the player can still see their legs and arms while walking or performing actions.

To install the mod, download the DLL file in GitHub to the game directory on the PC. After unpacking the GitHub code, run the file “install_vs2017” in the same folder. When you enter the game, you will see an option to enable first-person mode.

It is worth noting that the camera does not stay in this mode all the time in the game. If you are grabbed by some zombie, the image zooms out so you can get rid of the monster. Youtuber Sticky made a gameplay video with the mod installed, in which you can check how the game stays.

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