Games | Market trends in consoles, mobile and e-sports for 2019

Newzoo, a market analysis company, launched its trend report for the gaming market in 2019. Earlier this year, the company has a very positive thinking about the industry and has some points to keep an eye on this year when it comes to of games.

To begin with, Newzoo believes the market will continue to grow this year. In total, it is estimated that revenues of about $ 150 billion will be generated in 2019 with games only.

Although the mobile universe is probably once again the flagship in this area, it is also expected that the console market will grow significantly.

New generation, weak year
Rumors point out that Sony and Microsoft will introduce their new consoles from 2020 to 2021 at the latest. So the expectation is that 2019 will be a rather stationary year in terms of great games and exclusive to the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

This year, what is expected to hit the market in we have big names for each console are still great exclusive as The Last Of Us Part II, from PlayStation 4, and Gears of Wars 5, for Xbox One. Of course, there are still Death Stranding, Halo 5 and some other games with release date expected for this year.

If the current rumors are correct, Sony should introduce its consoles only in 2020, probably to put it on the market at Christmas this year. It is worth remembering that the owner of the PlayStation brand has already informed that this year will not participate in E3, revealing that this should be a year more stopped for the platform.

Microsoft is expected to unveil its cloud-based gaming service this year, a project expected to bring less powerful hardware, but whose processing is done partly on the physical device and partly on the cloud. The console really should only be introduced next year.

Finally, on the side of Nintendo, the proposal is to continue feeding the library of the Switch and perhaps launch a new version of the device with new features or even more powerful specifications.

Battle in PCS
Last year, Epic Games, producer of Fortnite, and the communication service for games Discord launched their own digital game stores. As a result, they both started offering better fee conditions for developers to publish their games there, against the 30/70 slice applied by Steam.

Epic is expected to stand out in this scenario, further fueling the previously dominated PC gaming market on Steam.

The company also believes that regulations for the Chinese market, which has taken away big names from games, especially mobile, may also have developers having to change their strategies to enter the market that is currently one of the largest in the world.

Still, it can make these companies also change the focus of investment in other markets such as Southeast Asia, South Korea and others.

Changes to smartphones
Also in relation to Epic Games, the expectation is that the publisher launches its store to purchase mobile games. This would be a proposal to swing a market dominated by the Google and Apple store, both with their policies to tax the games on their platforms to above the house of 25% profit.

Newzoo also believes this is the year that more immersive and competitive games can reach mobile devices, as has already been shown with the success of Fortnite and PUBG Mobile. The 2019 scenario should be favorable for launching shooting games, MOBAs and MMORPGs.

Finally, in terms of mobile, the company believes that this will not yet effectively be the 5G year of gaming, arguing that the technology is still very incipient and is only available in high-end devices. For the company, developers should start taking advantage of this as the new pattern is more popular.

Electronic sports
Newzoo also makes some predictions for the e-sports scenarios. The company believes that more premium passes to follow the games with some extra features can be a big boon to the industry in 2019.

Another bet is that big brands should invest in the sector, not only with sponsorship for teams, but with campaigns in intervals of games and great championships taking advantage of the worldwide audience of these modalities.

The company also points out that the global audience is expected to increase significantly, jumping from 395 million viewers in 2018 to 456 million in 2019. The Southeast Asian region is singled out as the area where electronic sports are expected to gain more market by 2019.

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