Fortnite provides unified account system for all platforms

Epic has finally released a tool to help Fortnite players who own the game on more than one platform. Users can now link their accounts and have all the cosmetic items and V-Bucks in one place.

The process is simple: by accessing the Unified Accounts website, you must log in with the systems you use: Xbox, PS4, Switch, PC / MAC or Mobile. One will be chosen as the “Primary Account” and another as “Secondary Account”. Be aware that only the first will continue, while the second will be disabled and all items will be transferred.

Another important detail is that the transfer is not instantaneous. Your items and V-Bucks are frozen for two weeks, and then they go into the primary account. To have your logins eligible for unification, an account must have played on Xbox One or Switch and another on PS4 before September 28, 2018, and banned accounts are not valid.

Before finalizing the process, the system allows the player to preview the unification of accounts to make sure it is what they want. In addition to the Battle Royale mode cosmetics, in the Save the World mode, you can transfer Llamas, Defenders, Heroes, Plans, Survivors, EXP, Evolutions and Benefit Materials. Items cpmp Creative Islands and Save-the-World account and progression of the secondary account will not be transferred.

Epic is yet to finalize the possibility of cross-play between the PS4 version and other systems. This should happen even earlier in the year, probably with the release of the eighth season of the game.

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