Athena’s e-Sports creates partner-fan program with special rewards

In response to requests from fans and fans, Athena’s e-Sports announced on Tuesday (5) the launch of an exclusive program of partner-supporter. Called the Athena Army, the program has six levels of support, ranging from $ 5 to $ 250.

The name of the program is closely linked to the Athenian military hierarchy in Ancient Greece, with Greek names and insignia unique to each level of contribution. Those who join the cause contributing R $ 5, for example, receive the badge of Athinaíos, name used to refer to ordinary citizens in the land of the sophists. Who helps with $ 250, receives the title of Polémarkhos, the Lord of War, the highest patent of the Athenian army, the right to play with the team on live broadcasts, monthly meeting with staff and staff, uniform exclusive member of fan, discounts on purchases of official products and other benefits.

According to the organization, the idea of the partner-fan program came after numerous requests from fans and fans that accompanied the selections and training of the female team of electronic sports, which took place in December 2018. The amounts collected will be used by Athena’s e-Sports for the development of the team, whether investing in training, participating in championships, hiring new professionals, expanding to new line-ups and new content on video and live broadcasts.

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