Analyst reveals that Sony is already developing exclusive games for the PS5

New information suggests that the Sony PlayStation 5 may be closer than you might think. In an interview for the site ResetEra, analyst Daniel Ahmad, who had previously predicted the arrival of PUBG for the PS4 months before it was officially announced, revealed that Sony is already shifting focus from first party game development (those titles which are usually released exclusively for consoles) to the PS5.

So far, we already knew that some big companies – such as Square-Enix, Bethesda and Activision – were already working on game development for the next generation of consoles, but the fact that the company was shifting focus from its first partys for the development of games for him shows that the revelation of the PS5 should be very close.

Ahmad also confirmed that several developers were already getting the PS5 development kit and that they have greatly praised the ease of handling and programming of the new console.

Despite this, the analyst assures that Sony is not yet planning to “kill off” the PlayStation 4. He suggested that the company still have some exclusive games and well-known IPs that have not yet been announced on the console – and that may be being hidden for this year’s E3.

According to rumors, the PlayStation 5 is expected to hit the market by the middle of 2020, so the fact that Sony is already shifting the focus of its developers to the new console fits right into that timeline. For now, the company still has some great exclusive PS4-branded releases such as Day’s Gone (on April 26 of this year), Ghost of Tsushima and Death Stranding, the upcoming upcoming Hideo Kojima game. Adding to them, then, we would have these games that have not yet been announced, which shows that the PlayStation 4 will continue well served from launches even with the proximity of the generation change.

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